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Why is silence important in life?

If I said to you "you should make your well-being a priority" you'd consider this an obvious statement.

But, what does it mean?

If you set your alarm to get up and go to the gym or go for a run but you haven't been sleeping well, what is the right thing to do for your well-being? Do you go back to sleep or get up and go to the gym or go run?

If you are struggling with anxiety, do you work through your feelings or look for a distraction? What is best for your well-being, time alone, or time with others?

If someone in your life holds a position of great importance but your relationship is toxic with them, do you cut them out of your life? What is best for your well-being? Your history or distance from them?

Doing what is best for your well-being can be difficult and offensive to others. Sometimes, its impossible to tell. This is why we need silence. To hear ourselves process what we need in each moment.

Always choose to take a moment of silence to further develop your relationship with your higher self. Your higher self will always guide you and keep you accountable to what you really need for your well-being.

Take care of yourself!

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