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Vulnerability and Strength

Can they coexist?

We all have experienced life in many ways, ups, downs, victories, setbacks, etc. Your ability to become vulnerable during the downs and setbacks, I believe, is what makes you strong.


Often, we associate tears for weakness in men and women. As children, men are told "Stop crying!” or “You better suck it up!" Women are told “you’re too emotional.” This way of thinking has programmed many people to avoid dealing with their emotions. “Don't feel anything, keep it moving” as they say. “Don't be vulnerable, don't let anyone see you cry, don't let anyone see you being vulnerable they will use it against you.” This type of thinking creates walls and a false sense of what being “Strong” really is.


I have stood through many trials. I have learned to be vulnerable with myself and not afraid to let others see me being vulnerable. I understand that being able to be vulnerable and transparent during any situation is what makes you STRONG. There are a few reasons why I believe this. When you're being vulnerable, you open yourself up to grow, learn new things, trust yourself and others. You’re open to ask questions and seek help, which really empowers you to keep moving forward. Being vulnerable helps you to stop moving in a cycle of circles, repeating the same experience over and over.

LIKE a rat on a wheel that just keeps going around and around... (But, hey, he keeps moving, right?)

Have You ever wondered about any of these of the following?

1. Why you attract the same type of man or woman?

2. Why you repeat the same situation or circumstances every year?

3. Why or how you end up in the same cycle?

You must understand: Vulnerability frees you in a way that EMPOWERS YOU to TRULY step out of any situation. It removes fear, it allows you to DEAL with whatever sets you back and the low points in your life, Rape, Domestic violence, molestation, pain, regret. Whatever.


Your ability to be Vulnerable with yourself, God and others gives you genuine strength you need to truly be a Strong or Stronger person. You will be able to see your true self, who you really are, and how strong you really can be. Don't become so strong you forget what being Vulnerable is.


In being vulnerable, honestly thrives and gratitude is birthed from a much deeper place within you. Doors are open and things inside of you a truly RELEASED AND LET GO. You're able to move freely and unapologetically.

Don't let your “strong” be strong only until something happens that triggers you and awakens those things that you’ve buried because you wouldn't allow yourself to be vulnerable and feel so you could heal.


Be Empowered and Reconnect with your emotions. Be alone with your thoughts, dissect and feel them. Allow Vulnerability and Strength to coexist within you.

So, you can become a STRONGER version of yourself.

This how to honor Your Highest Self by coexisting!

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