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Uncomfortable Growth is Necessary!

I have discovered through my own daily walk and conversation with others that discomfort is not often preferred. Many times, I have wanted to skip the process of growth and just go straight to the stage where I have grown.

Can you relate? 

Being uncomfortable in your growth is necessary to produce the best version of you required for that level. We miss this fact by getting distracted by others, not really wanting to examine ourselves, or by masking our issues until they come up later. Then, we're looking crazy, like, where did that come from, where did these feelings come from, why am I sitting here crying, where did this level of vulnerability come from?

Exposure to self is a great Segway into your growth. Exposure to self shows you, YOU. And that my friends can be an unpleasant reality to deal with. Sometimes, we paint pictures in our heads about ourselves without really understanding or taking a real account for ourselves. Then, we start to believe that the mask we wear daily really are us. Well Greatness, this is a sad reality in most cases. 

We must walk in the uncomfortable growth to get to where it is we are supposed to be. " Life is a journey, not a destination." A journey that can take the path of uncomfortable situations, relationships, unhealthy food habits, sex habits, drinking habits, etc. This is a place where you must learn to Embrace, Explore to Discover self. 

Example... perhaps people attend a church because their mother goes there or that's the church they grew up in. However, you've outgrown the word that is being preach, taught there. Your spirit is telling you 🗣it's time to move on. Since because it's familiar, or you don't want to hurt the feelings of your mom. Maybe, you don't want to be stretched to seek or see more, so you stay. Now your spirit is suffocating because you don't want to Explore the Discovery of Self Growth and what that really looks and feels like.  Just think how far you could be in business, your marriage or relationship with yourself if you decided to walk through the uncomfortable growth stage. 🗣You wouldn't keep repeating the cycles or tests that are being presented in your life. 

Some people have missed great opportunities simply because they didn't recognize it was their time to grow into a better version of themselves. 

Resistance against or resistance towards something is a sign the growth is being presented because it's a challenge. Challenges help you grow in strength, ability, physically, spiritually and mentally if you decide to accept the resistance as a challenge for growth. Problem is, many people don't like to be pushed, stretched or challenged because it identifies short comings, character flaws and since we live in a time where EVERYONE seemingly has it together. This could be a real problem because now you are faced with yourself. And this my friend can be very UNCOMFORTABLE. Who wants to truly see that they don't have it together like they thought? 

Embrace this idea...

Know that you don't have it all together and that isn't a bad thing. It's necessary to know so you can Explore to Discover Self. Trust me I’ve had to do this same thing at different times in my life, " Life is a journey not a destination!" 

Here are a few examples to identify if uncomfortable growth is being presented in your life. 

1. If you’re talking about something and it brings out frustration…

Then, something is there you need to grow from... Like lack of forgiveness.

2. If a crisis comes in your life, you decide to excessively eat or shop… Then, something is there you need to grow from... Like your emotions.

3. If you have a hard time encouraging yourself…

Then, something is there you need to grow from… Like lack of self-worth.

4. Staying at a job that you don't like or that you do like but situation keep happening to push you out.

Maybe fear is something you need to grow from. 

Maybe, it's not any of these examples but it's something that has presented a situation where uncomfortable growth is necessary. Deal with it no matter what it is, your future self will THANK You later.  

If you need help to identify problem areas, rediscover self.

Don't hesitate to contact me for your Wellness Empowerment Coaching sessions to help you move forward in your Greatness. 

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