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Self Reflection, Through Whose Eyes?

As you know, I just released my book 3 weeks ago.


This should be a very exciting time for me, but no one knows all the behind the scene things that can put a damper on your excitement. You’re already stressed by the production issues that you may face during a launch of a book.


First let me say my book is one that was ordained by God. It was never my choice to write but I’m obedient to the call and a purpose that is on my life. I have opened myself for whatever assignment that God has for me. So, with that you embrace and understand that fight and attack is going to be different each day. Since the release. I have learned things that could’ve triggered me and set me back in my healing. I, also, found out things that had I known at age 5 my whole life could’ve been different. And I feel like I am being forced to empathize with my family’s responses. Hearing statements like ‘you’re cold, put yourself in their shoes’. It feels like I’m being confronted after the fact, so to speak.

Well, let us be clear the book is about ME (Deliqua Isom), things I have endured, and how my experiences can help the next person heal. My book is full of life lessons. On one hand, yes there are other people that I talk about my book. Be completely clear, this book is NOT about them. These are MY feelings I had at those times in my life

I am at a place in my life that I have elevated from allowing myself to be emotionally entangled by things that DON’T serve my Highest Greatest Self. I no longer carry a compartment within myself to be emotionally drained or dumped on by others. I understand the bigger purpose. There are people, men and women, that are hurting from childhood traumatic experiences. And they are still afraid to speak up.

At the end of my day, I am a person that self-checks daily. I find myself always asking God questions like, “did I respond correctly, was I too blunt, was I emotional when I responded etc etc.” Then I wait for a response from God not from other. My mission in life is to please HIM and not people. People don’t have a heaven or hell to put me, although they probably wished they did lol. I seek the approval from GOD. He never fails me. He speaks sometimes that night or the next day. This time when He spoke, He spoke what I already knew. Don’t get distracted from the purpose! Then, He sends confirmation from two other people today.

Self-REFLECTION is a must when you allow God to give you the reflection and not people. People will not always understand the intent of your response. To them, they may perceive you as being cold or insensitive of other people feelings. You must learn to balancing having a strong backbone and thick skin with being vulnerable with yourself and God. This is non-negotiable when you’re moving forward in the things God has called you to do. If not, you will allow yourself to be drawn into emotions that drain you. The trial is to keep you distracted from the real purpose and not the purpose people try to impose on you unintentionally. There will be several people offended, along the way, because they don’t understand or fully grasp what God is doing in your life and your network. Always strive to keep your heart pure towards the intent of your purpose and those around you.

Don’t get caught up in the reflection that others see of you. DO get caught up in the reflection that you see, God sees and shows you. Make the necessary adjustments when God reveals those adjustments and be open enough to see or hear them. So today I made the decision to tune out the noise and BE EXCITED about my accomplishment of being a Self-Published Author.

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