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As I lay here in bed my last night in Canada for a Women's Retreat, everyone is sound asleep, except me. My mind is reflecting on my experience. I came obedient to God's divine purpose for my life.

I understand that God is using me as a conduit, a vessel for others to receive what they need from Him. I fasted leading up to my arrival so that I could be free and clear to hear and be used by God however the voice and energy would flow.

As women began to share some of their deepest feelings I could hear God speak to me concerning each person. This was a little uncomfortable because we had someone teaching and I didn't want to overstep the leadership that was present, while still understanding my leadership and my inner Greatness of God that I carry and walk in. As I just tried to sit I would hear God say tell them this. A few times I hesitated. Every time I became hesitant the voice of God intensified to the point I had to release it.

At times, I could tell some were not in a place to receive or understand that it wasn't me speaking, I was the messenger. The level of hurt, confusion that some of the women carried was deep. These things aren't fixable in a few days. They needed more. Some of the ladies and I had one on one conversations and at times I would think God "why am I in this position?"

The position was to show me that there was more for me to do to help women heal. A thought came to me. I shared it with my Brand Manager. She agreed "yes, let's do it".

As we went into 20-minute mediation I heard God say, "thank you for your obedience." We know that as we walk through life obedience is better than sacrifice. I could have easily ignored the voice of God, the energy that was being released, and sat on everything that God was revealing and speaking. I understand the bigger picture is sometimes being present in the moment and stepping outside of yourself for God to get the Glory. When your presence inspires others, that is the wonderful work of God in manifestation through your life. We cannot sit on the instructions of God because we don't understand what door it is unlocking or opening or chain it is breaking off someone else's life. Your light of obedience is powerful and humbling.

When you can come to a place of humility and understand that it's not by your own wisdom, but solely the spirit of God within you, then you can operate from a graceful place within God. Life's opportunities start to make alittle more sense on why you are there and present at times certain things are happening.

When the opportunity knocks will you be obedient and answer or will you decline / ignore the call?

To be obedient, it takes you getting to a place of trusting God's timing in your life. It also requires you to be selfless, humble and free from your own emotional baggage at times. Deal with whatever comes your way so that when God speaks, there is nothing blocking the voice of God so that you can hear him CLEARLY. Remove all fear of how it's received or perceived by others. Walk in obedience to your Spiritual connection and source.

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