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Here are three important habits to do in the morning.

When I'm coaching clients I love to find out how they start and end their day. One of my top questions. "What does your day consist of from morning to night?" I have them walk me through their day. This tells me a lot about their habits, where they lack discipline and if they prioritize themselves during the day. We have to get back to the basics of life and get out of the morning rat race.

  1. Give thanks. This helps you connect and live in the present moment of the new day. It releases Dopamine and attracts more positivity in your day.

  2. Reconnect with your "why". Take 10-20 minutes to Pray, Set intentions and Meditate. This helps to set order and command how you want your day to go. Practice visualizations, affirmations. Having a strong purpose behind everything that you do and reminding yourself of that purpose constantly is the only way to enjoy sustained motivation and a desire to make big moves in your life.

  3. Awaken your physical body. Exercise get the blood flowing and circulating.

  4. Drink warm water. Removes waste from the body and regulates your body temperature, lubricates and cushions the joints, and protects sensitive tissues. Our bodies can become dehydrated overnight.

How you start your day is an indication of how your day is going to go. If you want a different outcome you have start being consistent and intentional. So don't roll over and grab your cellphone or laptop to check messages, social media or emails ; when you do your day has already started with distractions.

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