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Greatness and Adversity

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

When they present a separation of your heart and business.


To walk in your own Greatness, you will have to experience some things. They may not always be favorable to you or your heart. These things will challenge your purpose, talents, gifts, and you as a person, down to the core root of you.

You must have the ability to see beyond adversities. Understand, your Greatness didn't come from your ability to comprehend or from earthly knowledge. It truly comes from answering the call of God on your life and taking responsibility for your decisions, each step of the way. You will be faced with tough decisions. You must learn to be patient with the timing of God in your life and business. If the train is moving you can't jump off, because it could cause severe damage or harm to you!"


Here goes last week…

I received a phone call from my mom saying my sister was in the hospital and it didn't look good, could possibly be liver damage. So, I became quiet, which is what I usually do because I don't want to say the wrong thing. I’ve realized that not everyone’s faith level is where mine is. I spoke the words "she will be fine" because that's my faith speaking. I didn't say much after, I only listened to my mom. On Saturday morning, I completed another Book Signing and Fitness Demo at Dillard's business, per usual. I was troubled but I pressed through. I had to smile and be happy, because I am a Motivator and Encourager. I didn’t show sad emotions because it's game time and I believe in choosing the emotional energy I'm going to give out because energy is transferable.

Monday comes, and I have an interview scheduled at 12 noon with a reporter from Space Coast Daily that traveled to Atlanta to interview me. I get a call Monday morning from my mom saying my sister is dying from liver damage and pneumonia. My mom feels like she is forced to choose between her two daughters. I explained to her "there's no choosing or choice to be made, you have to be there." Then I became quiet again. In that moment, I had make a choice for myself, separate my desire for motherly support and put on my big girl panties, because I understand that what is presented is life or death. I removed myself from the table of choices with no regrets. I still have another choice to make.

Do I call off the interview and Book Signing Partyto rush to FL???

When we got off the phone, I headed to the gym to release the energy that I was feeling and clear my head. My thoughts started running together. As I was driving, I'm praying, asking God to not take my sister while also understanding that it's his will for her life. I began to cry. I called a good friend because my heart was torn. I'm planning a Book Signing Party this weekend and I want to be there for my sister.

What do I do with this adversity that I'm facing?

While on the phone, he shared his thoughts and explained,"you have to separate your heart and business. Your schedule won't allow you to make the trip to FL. And you can't cancel your Book Signing Party people have booked flights to be here for you. You will have to press forward and, in the meantime, try to connect via FaceTime or Facebook call if the FaceTime option isn't available,' is what he stated. Needless to say, I didn't make it inside the gym.😏I sat in the parking lot, cried and, talked until my heart began to feel at ease.

I decided to go home and put my game face on because it was getting close to interview time. I touch base with my Brand Manager. She advised me to write Patio Reflections to express myself. I'm thinking "Chile Boo I can't comprehend my left from my right, right now." Lol

When I got home I ate and sat listening to my "I am Affirmations" to build up and speak to my inner Greatness and Spirit. Then I was ready to do the interview and knock it out.

After completing it, we prayed. I got in the car and said "it's all on you, God".

Adversity is the enemy and friend to Greatness. They live next door to each other.

Adversity isn't always bad. It can be good, depending on how you process and DEAL with it. It can pull things out of you that will help sharpen and define your Inner Greatness. It can also chew you up and spit you out, if you allow it. You must have the ability to understand your life’s seasons, where you currently are. You need to stop moving based on emotional attachments, because that could hinder your personal walk of Greatness.

Also, when faced with Adversity, you must learn to become quiet, alone and talk with at least one person. Not everyone, because too many opinions will confuse you and have you making emotional decisions based off their perspective in life. A lot of times, their choice isn't the best choice for you.


So, Guess what!!!! 💃🏽🤗 My sister will be fine and is doing better. Still has a long way to go but as of Thursday she's talking junk again! 🤣She told my mom that she wouldn't be selfish, that she could come to Atlanta for my Book Signing Party. Sounds like to me she will be just fine. Lol

Yes, I was able to Facebook video chat with her on Tuesday. Let her know that I love her.

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