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Conquering the fear of not fully experiencing God's best for your life

Have you ever feared not living out God's promises for your life?

Have you ever feared aborting the purpose of God in your life?

Have you ever stopped to think or wondered if you are walking out God's purpose the way he intended you to?

Have you ever noticed a certain color all day long?

If you have, then guess what?

That means you have some sort of Self Awareness. You are right where you are supposed to be this day and time. I myself have feared not living out God's promises for my life. The visions He has shown me in dreams, and the promises that He has spoken to me directly or through someone else. When I go through this stage, I recognize that I see a certain color all day usually. This is a sign for me to stop and pay attention to my feelings. A Chakra is blocked or off balanced, because they are often associated with a specific color. I believe it's God subtle way to redirect me back to my confidence and peaceful place within Him.

I have come to realize that sometimes the way we pray or talk to God may create a doubt in our subconscious mind. If you know anything about the subconscious mind it's where we manifest things. Whatever is in the subconscious mind good or bad, that's what we see reflecting in our lives.

We have to pray and speak with certainty. This is what builds a positive subconscious mind. I am a firm believer that power is in our tongue. We have the ability to create manifest what we want by first believing it, then speaking it so we can see and experience the manifestation. In doing this, we have to allow ourselves to emotionally experience what it is we are saying and believing. We have to tie ourselves in it and then find the inner peace to release it with the expectation that we will see it manifest in our reality.

Fear isn't of God that's why the Bible says "FEAR NOT" several times. You have to come to a place within yourself that, no matter what, you keep on speaking powerful words that will align the supernatural realm with your natural realm and be at peace. It's not a matter of will you see it, but a matter of WHEN. "WHEN" gives the subconscious mind life and expectations. "Will" gives doubt to the subconscious mind. So choose your words carefully when you are shaping your reality.

Here's a few tips to help you manifest God's promises to you.

1. Cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and don't entertain conversation that don't serve you. Hence, no complaining

2. Question God... Ask him are you missing anything in this season? Sit quietly and listen for an answer…

3. Cleanse your Chakras to put you back in proper alignment and rid any fear or doubt. 4. Align your Root and Solar Plexus chakra speak words that reaffirm who you are according to God's purpose for your life.

5. Understand that you are worthy to live out God's best for your life.

6. Remember... It is in the pursuit of your purpose that you will find your greatest joy, peace, prosperity and sense of fulfillment -when you are doing what you were created to do!

So yes you will live out God's best and promises for your life

For more personal Wellness Empowerment Coaching sign up for your session on my WELLNESS EMPOWERMENT page. Looking forward to connecting with you on a deeper level so that you can achieve your hearts desires.

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