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Breaking Bad Habits

Have you heard of the boiling frog metaphor?

Here is what it says.

What happens when you put a frog in boiling water?

It will jump and save itself from death.

However, try putting it in lukewarm water. It will adjust its temperature according to its surroundings.

Now, continue raising the temperature slowly, and the frog will keep adjusting its body temperature, believing that the gradual change in temperature is normal.

The temperature of the water is now at the boiling point.

What happens to the frog?

It dies a slow death. Because now it does not have the strength to jump.

That is what happens with habits. Good or bad.

The effect is slow and gradual. You won’t notice it on the first day.

But with time, you will see a drastic change. Positive or negative depends on what habit you have acquired.

A day of running does not change anything. But a month of running changes your body to some level.

A day of negative thinking does not do anything. A year of negative thinking creates a habit when you find negativity in every situation.

Want to break a habit? Apply this principle. Change the way you view the results. Allow the results to come slow and steady.

Don’t do it for a day, and two, and three, and repeat.

Want to make a habit? You have to keep doing it.

Do it for a day, and two, and three, and repeat. After about 30 days of creating a habit, routine, or regiment, watch your life begins to change.

Change takes time!

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