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Are you REALLY my Everything??

What does that really mean? You are my Everything…



Do you give yourself to someone so completely that you lose yourself, your freedom, or your identity?

You feel like your life is consumed because you feel like that person is your Everything. Nothing makes sense to you anymore. You have given so much of yourself that you cannot comprehend what your life will be without that person in it. Your time with your friends has diminished. You believe you cannot be social without that person by your side. Meanwhile, you fear that they’re entertaining someone other than you.

Are your dreams really coming true with this person?

Does this person really brighten up your day and take the pain away?

Or are you so blinded by the attention, that you are missing information and signs given?

No one should receive that much power over you. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. You must keep your identity and be yourself, even while in a relationship or marriage. All too often, people lose themselves and find themselves in the eyes of someone else.


Have you ever stopped to consider that their vision is blurry, and possibly yours too?

I was talking the other day with a lady that is currently divorced. She is trying to piece her life back together, but it has always been defined by marriage, back to back relationships, expensive material things. Every relationship she is in, she expects marriage, yet she keeps attracting the same type of guy. There is something going on here. It’s like she doesn’t know how to be single, whole, and complete without marriage.


My advice after listening to her, was that she take time to get to know herself. Once she begins to love and get to know more about herself, she will be able to recognize exactly what she needs. She needs to understand that she is already everything. In reality, she does not need to put that amount or pressure or expectations on anyone. During her healing process, she will learn how to embrace, carry, and walk in her own light. The RIGHT relationship will come once she takes ownership of her gifts and happiness.


You have to be able to dig deeper beyond the surface of yourself sometimes. Whether you are working on goals or relationships. When you do encounter a new potential partner, you will have already established your own breathing wiggle room. You will be so confident in yourself that you will not have to hide your identity in him or her. There is a newfound Freedom waiting inside you. Once you find it you will know THAT YOU ARE EVERYTHING and everything else is just an added benefit.

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