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A Shift is Necessary for your Next Level

As I sit back and reflect on my last few weeks, I'm grateful to be able to see beyond the mishaps of life. I believe that God is on the verge of doing some wonderful things in my life and yours if you can master a few things along your journey. 

Have you ever stopped to just pay attention to where you are in life?

How far you have come?

Or are you stuck and searching for guidance, a sign, or something to tell you which way to go? 

I believe that, if you are asking or reflecting, you're in a position to see self-growth and development. 


Growth happens in fertile ground. The seed must be planted first in order to become fertile to produce. With that said, these seeds could be your own personal thoughts and evaluations of yourself. When you're thinking and questioning, you are positioning yourself for fertilization.

Your ears are open to hear.

Your eyes are open to see what is or isn't happening in your life.

What is pushing you? 

What has grounded you?

What has held you back and hardened your heart?

All these things can be viewed with potential, depending on the type of mind you have.

You must get rid of the negativity in your own head. Stop fighting against yourself.

Most importantly, stop speaking negative words to yourself. Your words have a direct impact on your life because you are the first to hear them.

Be careful how you speak to yourself. That impact deepens because you are, also, the first to receive those thoughts. So, yes, be incredibly careful of the things you think about yourself. 

You must know that every level of your life requires a different push, different thoughts, different ways if you expect to grow and manifest God's best in your life.  It is important to come to a place daily to evaluate yourself and unlearn the things that no longer serve your highest self.

In this moment, you have a decision to make.

Do you switch gears to think more positive?

Or do you keep your negative point of view about your life?

This will determine the type of soil your seeds are planted in, fertile rich soil or dry, thorny, barren soil. 

When you are intentional about enriching your soil, you commit to the fertility that produces growth.


Try these tips to help you move forward in these next few months:

Take time to align yourself whole-heartedly and stay committed to the process.

Don't give up.

Remove toxic people, your own toxic ways or habits.

Don't be the common denominator in familiar situations.

Remove yourself if need be.

Practice Gratitude daily.

Expect change in you and not others. 

Cleanse your heart daily.

Let go and forgive. 

Remember you are responsible for your own happiness. 


For more support in developing positive habits and creating a fulfilling lifestyle, consider Wellness Empowerment Sessions with Author Deliqua Isom. Together, you can get back on track.


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