Wellness & Empowerment


Coaching Sessions 

Deliqua has over fifteen years of experience as a Certified Master Personal Trainer of 12 AAAI/ISMA, CPR and First Aid, and Mental Wellness Coach. 

Wellness & Empowerment sessions include Coaching strategies for mindset development, self-awareness, and consciousness. Etc. Deliqua has designed unique online courses and group coaching programs to help you expand and rediscover yourself. This coaching platform Deliqua's mission is to help you heal rebuild yourself (emotionally, spiritually) to live an Empowered life of winning.

Deliqua has been busy creating new courses to help navigate in today's times. 

Online course Pursuit of Greatness..Reconnecting you to your higher self will launch live in March 2022.


Deliqua's Signature course Awakening Your Inner Greatness was created after a trial study on several women aged 25-to 60. This course will be available for small groups. Soon you will be able to sign up for this series of coaching.

Connect with a professional that can support your growth. Let's TAP IN!

Private Virtual and In-Person Options Available 

Session Prices

Virtual Sessions

 Single Session $100

Package $375 per month

(4 digital sessions per month) 

In-Person Sessions 

Single Sessions $115

Package $410 per month

(4 in-person sessions per month)