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About Deliqua Isom

My Story


A native of Orlando, Florida, Deliqua Isom has always been passionate about bringing out the best in others. She started her career as a licensed cosmetologist 19 years. Eventually, she crossed over into health and fitness. The passion behind her profession began as a solution to address negative body image. Complex traumas, including molestation, rape, and physical and verbal abuse, misshaped Deliqua into believing she was somehow less than them. Her breakthrough came when she began healing these emotional wounds. 


She quickly realized she was more than enough and that her experience wasn't isolated. She was set free by embracing forgiveness and love for herself. This sent Deliqua on a mission to restore the inner beauty in everyone she interacted with. Fitness transformed Deliqua's life through emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. 


Deliqua is the proud mother of two when she is away from her businesses. Her home front also influenced her professional and personal goals. Her desire to leave a legacy of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wealth for her family fuels her passion. 


Deliqua has over 20 years of experience as a Certified Master Personal Trainer of 12 AAAI/ISMA, CPR, and First Aid. She is also a certified Life Coach through Cornerstone Training. Today, Deliqua Isom is the proud owner and operator of Flawless Fitness Spa, Founder Of Flawless Foundation Inc., Tedx International Author and Speaker, and the First to have a credited continuing education through the Georgia Real Estate Commissions Broad a Real Estate Life Coaching Program. 

With a genuine passion for helping others, Deliqua has shared her healing process to coach countless young adults and mature women through their process of becoming mentally well. Deliqua has captured audiences Nationally and internationally by being completely transparent and understanding what she was created to be. She is shifting mindsets and breaking the chains of mental bondage and behavioral patterns that have been holding us back from Aligning ourselves to whom God has called us to be.

Deliqua often refers to herself as the Triple Threat Coach. Here's why she is purposed to help others live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, to educate and provide resources that include  Mental wellness coaching, Dietary plans, Physical coaching, and Spiritual coaching. Her methods are unlocking the Greatness that is on the inside of everyone she coaches. She believes in mind-body and soul connection.

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